Rest and relaxation in natural surroundings full of beauty and tranquillity.
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SPA is the abbreviation of the Greek phrase Salus Per Aquam, water as the concept of a curative, relaxing and beauty treatment.

At Masia Spa Can Pascol we specialise in Rural Tourism for families and couples, and our main aim is to offer our clients rest and relaxation far from the tempo and noise of the city. You will find our Country House surrounded by vineyards and woods, in a highly tranquil natural setting, with the exclusive use Spa in the interior, with views and access from the kitchen-dining area. This is one of the treasures of Masia Can Pascol.

The Spa is a room with an area of 50m2 that is kept at a temperature of about 30 degrees, and is filled with light; natural light streams in all day through a skylight in the roof. In the Spa, surrounded by natural stone and indoor plants, you will find the heated swimming pool, where the water is always kept at 30-34 degrees according the time of year. The swimming pool also features chromo-therapy, and in the evening, when natural light no longer comes in through the skylight, the colour of the water changes to the colours of the LEDs that are installed in the pool, that gradually change tone, an experience that is both relaxing and revitalizing. In the pool we can also relax on the jacuzzi bench with a gentle massage with air bubbles.

In the Spa you will also find a rain sensation shower with a fixed thermostat,  and a three-place infrared sauna with chromo-therapy. The use of the sauna frees the organism of toxins (sodium, heavy metals, cholesterol, fats, nicotine and alcohol), cleans the skin of residues, provides tone and elasticity, reduces cellulite, improves the whole metabolism, hydrates the respiratory system and offers extraordinary relaxing capacities. Fifteen to twenty minutes are recommended at 60 degrees. On leaving the sauna, a warm water shower is very healthy, or a cold one for the bravest, to tone up the body with the contrast in temperature. The use of the sauna is not recommended for persons with cardiac, neural or epileptic illnesses.

As Masia Spa Can Pascol is for rent in full (for 2 to 5 persons) and not per room, the use of the Spa is exclusively for you, highly intimate, and quite a luxury, without having to share with anybody else. Guests may come and go into the spa all day long as they please to use the heated pool. The Jacuzzi function from 11am to 5pm and the sauna from 11am to 2pm (thus adapting to the maximum energy performance schedule). To take a good profit of the Chromotherapy of the pool wait for the night, when it stops entering light through the skylight.

The Spa has fixed cleaning services, returnable robes and individualised non-return slippers, exclusive for entering the spa. In addition, massage services and vinotherapy treatments are available.

During the hot summer months we also offer the option of Massage Service In our garden, under a bucolic porch between shadows and vineyards.


“Back Massage”: Therapeutic and decontracting massage, muscle relaxant. 45 minutes long and 40 euros.

“Leg and Feet Massage”: To activate circulation, muscle relaxant, heavy legs. 45 minutes long and 40 euros.

“Bambuterapia”: Full Body Massage with bamboo canes, relaxes the muscles, drains and cleanses the body of fluid accumulation. It is beneficial for cellulite and improves the figure in the abdomen and waist. 45 minutes long and 50 euros.

“Relaxing Massage”: Full body massage to relax mentally and emotionally. Relaxes the muscles and activates blood circulation. 60 minutes long and 50 euros.

“Energetic Massage or Reiki”: Laying on of hands and transmission of energy, activates, calms nerves and anxiety. Full body, 60 minutes long and 50 euros.

“Cupping Therapy”: Cupping Therapy to decontract and oxygenate painful parts of the body, mainly the back. Full body, 60 minutes long and 50 euros (20 minutes of cupping rest massage).

“Anti-Stress Massage”: Relaxing full-body massage. Facial, capillary, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. 90 minutes long and 60 euros.

Masia can Pascol SPA


“Body Peeling”, an exfoliating action based on grape extracts that stimulates circulation, leaving a renewed, smooth and firm skin. Finish with a small relaxing grape oil massage. 45 minutes long and 40 euros.

“Massage with warm grape candle oil”, gentle, calming and relaxing massage. 45 minutes long and 60 euros.

Grapes are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, enzymes and vitamins A, B, C and E that improve blood circulation, providing a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Polyphenols are excellent antioxidants that protect us against free radicals, providing elasticity, firmness and smoothness to the skin.

Masia can Pascol SPA


(Please read and follow the rules for the use of the Spa that are displayed in the spa itself).